i.dime Expands Your iPhone Storage In An Efficient Way


If you happen to have a 16GB iPhone variant, it's no-brainer that it runs out of storage really fast. 16GB of onboard storage should be considered a tech crime since the advancements in technology is indirectly leading to reduced real storage space on smartphones. For instance, if you record 4K video on your 16GB iPhone variant, the storage capacity would vanish away in a jiffy. However, a new kickstarter project is aiming towards removing this storage barrier. i.dime will expand iPhone storage up to 256GB.

i.dime Is a Magnetic iPhone Storage Expansion Tool

To maximize productivity and keep up with the changing apps and multimedia content, our iPhones need more storage. i.dime does exactly that - it expands the iPhone storage in a neat and seamless way that makes it easier for users to share and manage their files in the cheapest way possible.

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Initially, when you consider buying iPhone variants with the 64GB or 128GB storage capacity, you end up paying $100 to $200 more than the base model. With such a hefty price tag, users deem to look for alternative ways to enhance iPhone storage space. With i.dime, you can add up to 256GB of external storage capacity on your iPhone. So considerably, you end up owning more storage real estate to hold all your multimedia content, files, photos music and any other thing that you want.

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Moreover, sharing content with your friends and loved ones is a breeze. The dime shaped magnetic i.dime snaps off from the iPhone and can be placed in a USB holder which will be provided. Once you do that, simply use it as a thumbdrive and plug it into your PC. It's this simple and does not require any major hassle.

Other than this, i.dime is really fast with 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write speed. So transfer files without lags and delays as 16GB of files takes less than three minutes to transfer. i.dime is made up of polycarbonate urethane and the slip preventive i.dime case is easy to hold with adequate grip and protects your iPhone from potential impacts. The i.dime case is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.

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The iPhone application that goes with i.dime features intuitive UI that allows users to easily manage and control files on iOS. You have the availability to backup your contacts, photos and videos with just the press of a button. There are other i.dime accessories available as well, like the chargeable case and keychain holder. Currently, i.dime is a kickstarter project in the funding phase. However, you can check out the pricing and availability details from here.

This is it for now, folks. Do you use an external drive for your iPhone to expand storage space? How did you like i.dime for the job? Share your thoughts in the comments.