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Hunt: Showdown Coming to Xbox Game Preview, New Monster-Mashing Trailer Released


Hunt: Showdown is taking aim at the Xbox Game Preview program. The game has been available via Steam Early Access since February, but, until now, we didn’t know for sure if a console release was in the works. A new monster-packed Hunt: Showdown trailer has been released alongside the Xbox Game Preview announcement. You can check it out, below.

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For those hearing about Hunt: Showdown for the first time, the game is a multiplayer horror experience from former Crysis developer Crytek, in which up to 10 players competing individually or in teams of two try to hunt down monsters in the murky swamps of Louisiana. Of course, you can also choose to hunt your fellow players if you don’t care for the competition. Who’s more dangerous? The mindless monstrosities or your scheming fellow hunters?

Hunt: Showdown producer Fatih Ozbayram explained why Crytek has opted to bring their game to Xbox One…

“Bringing Hunt: Showdown to Xbox Game Preview means getting the game in front of a whole new audience, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback that Xbox players bring to the game and the community. This is another important step in taking our development to the next level.”

Xbox Game Preview has proven to be a fairly significant advantage for Microsoft, as it’s resulted in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Gwent, and We Happy Few coming to Xbox One before other console. Sony and Nintendo lack any sort of early access programs. You don’t have to do anything special to play Xbox Game Preview games – just search the Xbox Store’s Game Preview section, and download as usual.

Crytek will continue to test Hunt: Showdown throughout 2018, and have yet to announce a final release date. They also haven’t revealed when the Xbox Game Preview version will launch, although expect that to happen sometime this year.