Humankind Delayed to 2021, but Three “OpenDev” Demos Will be Available This Year

Nathan Birch

Bad news 4x fans – Amplitude Studios’ new Civ-like historical strategy game Humankind, which was previously slated for sometime this year, has slipped to 2021. Like many devs, Amplitude has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and so publisher Sega decided to give them a little more time. Ah, but those hungry for Humankind can still get a taste of the game this summer, as a series of “OpenDev” demos will be available to play. Check out a trailer for them, below.

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So, what’s this OpenDev thing all about, and how does it differ from your typical Early Access approach? Well, here’s how Amplitude describes it…

Getting feedback as early as possible from our players has always been our way of creating the best games we can. Today, we're very excited to present OpenDev: a new way for players to get early access into our developing games so they can help us make sure we're on the right path.

OpenDev is our new approach to community-driven game development. It allows you to join the dev team and help shape the game during its production. Starting June 13th, register and get a chance to get access to 3 time-limited scenarios focusing on specific core features of the game (exploration, tactical battles, basic city management). Each scenario concludes with a game design survey that will help our dev team level-up the game!

Soooo, basically it’s Early Access with a narrower focus and a survey at the end. Okay! I don’t really care what they call it, I just want to play! You can register for the Humankind OpenDev, right here. Registrations will be open until June 26 and will require you to sign up for Amplitude’s Games2Gether platform. Here’s a roadmap for the three scenarios OpenDev testers get to play (click image for full resolution).

Humankind marches onto PC sometime in 2021.

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