Huawei Showcases a Way for Developers to Turn GMS Apps into HMS Apps


Huawei's trial does not seem to end as the company is still going through a tough time. Ever since losing Google Mobile Services (GMS), it has been difficult for the company to stay relevant in the tech world. Granted, they have come up with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) suite. However, you are still not getting access to the integration that GMS brought together, especially when you are looking at the notifications, mapping, and location. These don't work properly on Huawei devices.

However, the Chinese tech giant has now announced the availability of an open-source solution called Choice SDK. This SDK will allow the developers to turn the existing GMS apps into HMS apps, which will save the app developers both time and resources. Based on the SDK's Git-hub page, the solution is currently available with features such as location, sign-in, analytics, maps, and messaging.

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This New Method Can Finally Allow Huawei Some Breathing Room in Terms of App Support

The SDK was originally developed to help make the Austrian bank app available to Huawei users. Still, developer BlueSource has added more apps from Austria and brought them over to Huawei's AppGallery.

Honesty, this approach is clever but actually an interesting approach to solving the issue of having no GMS apps on Huawei devices. It would also mean that the developers who support the AppGallery will have a much easier time bringing the apps onto the devices.

It still is important to know that the process is not one click and will still require some work. Using this method, developers will be able to deploy their apps on the HMS much faster. However, it does not mean that the end-user will be able to convert their favorite GMS-enabled apps to run on Huawei's HMS devices, which means that you are still going to be limited as far as the app choice is concerned.