Huawei Mobile Services See a Jump in Developers as the Number Exceeds 1.5 Million

Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Mobile Services is Huawei's answer to introducing their own system through which the devices can run. This largely came into being after the company was stripped off Google Mobile Services GMS).

Huawei is in the top three smartphone manufacturers around the world. Falling behind Apple and Samsung. Granted, the company has had some rocky history when you are talking about Android. But Huawei's HMS continues to grow and is doing pretty well.

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At the Huawei Consumer Business Summit, vice president of Huawei Consumer Business Cloud Services Tan Donghui talked about the progress Huawei Mobile Services has made and the numbers are certainly looking impressive.

Huawei Mobile Services Now Has 1.5 Million Registered Developers with Over 60,000 Connected Applications

As per the news reported by Sina Technology, Huawei's HMS is doing rather well. This does come as a surprise because ever since Huawei devices lost Google Mobile Services, consumers and critics have been worried as to what the performance is going to be for the third-largest0 smartphone manufacturer in the world.

This loss, however, did not stop Huawei from making smartphones and the latest numbers show that the company is doing just fine. As per Donghui, Huawei is hoping to achieve the same success as Google Mobile Services and iOS with their mobile services.

He further went on to reveal the stats for the first quarter of this year. As per Donghui, Huawei's terminal cloud service has 650 million monthly active users around the world. This is an increase of 25% from last year. Additionally, HMS has now 1.5 million registered developers a staggering increase of 115%. He further went on and talked about how there are 60,000 apps connected to the Huawei Mobile Services core, which is an increase of 66.7%.

The numbers are definitely impressive. Especially when you consider the fact that Huawei phones are no longer being shipped with Google Mobile Services installed onto them. However, can these numbers earn Huawei the same status and respect it had in the market? That is a projection we are not able to make at the time of writing.

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