Huawei Executive Says the Company Won’t Rely on Google Even After the Trade Ban Is Lifted

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It's been several months since the US government first laid down the banhammer on Huawei, and given the current state of affairs, there seems to be no resolution in sight. As a result, several Huawei and Honor phones have had to ship without Google Play Services. To make matters even worse, it is not possible for users to sideload it manually. Google Mobile Services have to be installed via custom recovery, and it is impossible to go about it on a Huawei/Honor phone as the company refuses to let users unlock the device's bootloader. The lack of Google Play Services hasn't been much of a deterrent for Huawei, as the company has been hard at work developing its own alternate app ecosystem. A Huawei executive has now told Der Standard that the company won't use Google apps and services even when the ban is lifted.

Huawei executive says the company will focus on developing its own ecosystem instead

Huawei's in-house App Gallery is the company's Play Store equivalent. The company has reportedly set aside a whopping $3 billion to nurture it. Huawei is encouraging developers across the globe to develop apps for App Gallery, and we should see some big names showing up on the platform soon. For example, Huawei has partnered with TomTom maps to develop its Google Maps alternative.

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Furthermore, Huawei is no stranger to developing apps outside of the Play Store, considering that it is banned in China. There is already an existing suite of alternatives for Google apps and services in China, and the challenge will be bringing it to the world. The road ahead is a tough one, as Google apps are revered by users worldwide. There is very little incentive for people to make the switch to an unknown platform, especially one that has been accused of espionage and whatnot.

Huawei and Honor devices are already very popular across several global markets, so Huawei has that going for it, at the very least. We could even see Huawei test out its in-house Harmony OS this year across a limited number of devices. It'll be interesting to see how the company incentivizes users to make the switch away from established platforms such as Android. Another company executive speculates that sub $150 5G phones should be a reality by 2020 so it could very well flood the market with low-cost 5G-ready phones running the operating system.

News Source: Android Central

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