Huawei Claims Its Devices Maintaining a Chin Bezel Is an Intentional Design Choice


Apart from Apple, there’s no phone manufacturer out there who has used their engineering or monetary talent and resources to bend the OLED screen of their device to minimize the chin bezel. With the launch of the P30 and P30 Pro, Huawei continues to eliminate the bezels on the three sides of its latest flagship handsets, except the chin area. The company has explained why this is done in the latest interview, with Huawei’s executive stating that this approach is an intentional one.

Huawei CEO States That Having a Chin Prevents Inadvertent Presses When You Swipe Down From Your Phone, Which Kills the UI Experience

According to an interview with Huawei CEO Richard Yu, GSMArena obtained some answers related to why the Chinese giant has not yet eliminated the chin bezel from its handsets.

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“If you take a look at the P30 you can already see the bottom bezel is really small. In fact, the P30 bottom bezel is even smaller than that of the P30 Pro. We can make the chin shorter but it wont be comfortable to use the phone that way. The reason why we haven’t completely removed the bottom bezel is because of accidental touches. If there was no chin, every time you swipe from the bottom there would be inadvertent presses and that's not convenient. What we are focusing and we believe is more important is to shrink the side bezels. There should definitely be some space on the bottom of the screen so that you can use your device more confidently.”

It should be noted that while this is a possibility, Apple has also eliminated the chin bezel while also providing gesture-based controls that allow users to swipe back to the home screen and switch between applications seamlessly. A lot of users might not appreciate these gestures as they may appear confusing, but when you’ve eliminated the home button on the iPhone, Apple needed to implement a workable solution that will play well with the majority of users.

Still, the P30 Pro shines in other areas such as the battery life and of course, its quadruple camera system that is capable of 10x hybrid zoom. Do you think going forward, Huawei should start to slowly eliminate the chin bezel to make the display of the smartphone more uniform, or do you think the company should continue producing handsets with a bottom bezel? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: GSMArena