Huawei Will Have Difficult Time Breaking Apple-Samsung U.S. Market Share, but it Won’t Be Impossible, Claim Analysts

Huawei breaking Apple Samsung market share

Officially announcing that Huawei is going to start selling in the U.S. is going to be one thing, but it is going to be an uphill battle because the country is dominated by Apple and Samsung. According to a few analysts, Huawei might have found its big break by breaking into the U.S. but actually getting a consumer to pick up these devices is going to be a problem. By all means, it is not going to be impossible, but the smartphone giant’s work will definitely be cut out.

Some Analysts Are Saying it Will Be ‘Almost Prohibitively Difficult” for Huawei to Take a Lead Against Apple and Samsung in the U.S.

According to Jeff Moore, head of Wave7 Research, who spoke with Mobile World Live (MWL) said that domination of Apple and Samsung in the United States will make it difficult for Huawei to generate a high number of sales in the country.

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Moore also pointed out that brands like HTC and ASUS found this out the hard way, but unlike Huawei, both of these manufacturers do not hold the position of the third-largest phone manufacturer in the world. The tech giant will definitely have a massive budget in terms of marketing to get the word around to people.

Also, since the U.S. is the biggest market for phones in terms of revenue, Huawei will be working overtime to make sure that it can take away a huge share from both Apple and Samsung.

Recon Analytics’ founder and analyst Roger Entner believes that Huawei will be searching for a particular niche when it officially starts to sell devices in the U.S.

“If you come down a few hundred dollars then it [the market] looks completely different. There’s a huge customer segment that can afford $10 or $20 per month rather than $30 or $40 per month. I think they’re going to focus on a niche – offering a high-quality, feature-rich, device that’s affordable. That’s what it will take to convince American consumers to try it. It’s the same route Samsung took 15, 20 years earlier.”

Huawei is expected to announce more details during the CES 2018 trade show, so stay tuned for more updates.

News Source: MWL

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