The HTC 11 Won’t Launch In The US Due To Inadequate Resources Claims Analyst


Over the past couple of days, we've seen regular mentions of a third flagship expected in 2017. Aside from the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8, the HTC 11 has also surfaced on the rumor mill. The Taiwanese manufacturer has always been placed in the niche of flagship smartphones. This is despite the fact that its devices always have a careful approach to select features which the company deems necessary for a smartphone's performance. Today, we've got some bad news for HTC fans. Looks like the HTC 11 won't make it in the United States. Why? Take a look below to find out more.

Major Restructuring At HTC Might Mean That The HTC 11 Won't Make It To US

When we talk flagship, the first two phones which come to mind are Samsung's Galaxy S and Apple's iPhone lineups. The pair have been toe to toe for the top spot for as long as memory recalls. However, they aren't the only manufacturers in the market, as any geek worth his salt would know. We've got manufacturers like HTC, LG, Huawei and even Xiaomi and One Plus who continue to ensure that the market is filled with a diverse set of options.

Today, it's HTC's turn to make it in the news once again. According to leaked information, the HTC 11 will be well equipped to provide an adequate challenge for Apple and Samsung. However, the device might not make it to the US. That's the opinion of Cliff Maldonado of BayStreet Research. Cliff believes that HTC simply doesn't have the resources to pull off a US launch.

HTC 11 curved screen rumor

This restructuring involves laying off a majority of its sales force, the impact of which for the United States is self evident. HTC's going to be unable to push its devices to carriers and provide adequate service to customers in the US. In fact, the company's also looking towards a strong shift towards its overall operating model for mobile. Maldonado claims that the company will become an Original Design Manufacturer for mobile.

This will allow it to manufacture smartphones for other manufacturers, like it did for Google with the Pixel and Pixel XL. HTC's definitely got the expertise to pull off such a move and it will help the company cut costs by quite a lot. The company's launch of the HTC Bolt, which was a result of a tight collaboration with Sprint is a good example of how it will operate in the future. Looks like we're going to be short of one manufacturer in the US for flagships next year. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.