HP Explains Why Choosing Windows 10 Mobile Over Android Was the Best Decision It Ever Made


Android has maintained a comprehensive lead over iOS and Windows 10 Mobile but HP still remained firm on its decision to use Microsoft’s mobile platform when making its flagship, the Elite X3. The manufacturer now explains why it chose this route, despite the huge string of setbacks that you get while using Windows 10 Mobile.

HP States That Its Main Concern Choosing Android Was Security – Stuck to Windows 10 Mobile Because of Its Exclusive Features as Well

It is only natural that the more popular the operating system becomes, the more susceptible it will be to security issues. HP states that it chose Windows 10 Mobile because it is not prone to security when compared to Android as well as the fact that Microsoft’s platform also comes with several exclusive features that help users take their work on the go. This will include the Universal Windows Platform as well as Continuum and with the release of HP Elite X3, the company also gives you an offer to purchase a Desk Dock that allows you to stretch the contents of your smartphone and effectively replace it as your workstation to a small degree.

In short, HP wanted to focus on a platform that would provide users with an ecosystem of security and features catered towards those who desired productivity over everything else. The lack of apps is the trade-off you’ll be making once you switch to Windows 10 Mobile. There are also other fixes that Microsoft will need to address if it is to bring Windows 10 Mobile on par with the likes of iOS because its market share is in free fall right now. Microsoft is intending to release a Surface Phone next year, so let us hope that it revives the company’s mobile division.

As for HP, the company is planning to announce another smartphone, but it is expected to be a less powerful version of the Elite X3. The device could be announced during the MWC 2017 trade show, so HP could be targeting the basic consumers rather than enterprises this time around. Unlike the Elite X3, it could also be sold for a smaller price tag in order to attract more consumers.

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