HP Unveils Its Latest Innovations At Adobe MAX Including 6 Brand New Monitors And ZCentral – A Real-Time Collaboration Solution For Creatives


With an evolving workplace for creators, they are adapting to hybrid environments. They need to have the best equipment available to them at home during the pandemic. HP looks to give the creators the tool necessary to succeed at home with its most recent announcement at Adobe MAX. HP announced Its latest innovations within the HP Create Ecosystem with the goal of capturing, creating, and experiencing. HP continues evolving the Create Ecosystem, offering creators new remote solutions and the necessary tools to collaborate, accelerate workflows, and iterate, ensuring they can truly share their creations and work in real-time from any environment.

Next-Generation Displays In Combination With ZCentral For Real-Time Collaboration

Everyone knows that one of the most important items for a creator is the monitor. The monitor has to be the best in its class, so creators can create the best work. HP's Z25xs G3 and Z27xs G3 DreamColor monitors do not disappoint. These new monitors feature PANTONE Validated color gamut and HDR 600. These monitors come in varying resolutions whether it be QHD or 4K and different sizes. All of the monitors come equipped with HP Display Manager. HP Display Manager allows you to monitor your displays and optimize them to have a longer lifespan.

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Another innovation that was previously announced during the Adobe MAX 2019 event was the HP ZCentral platform. It is a platform designed for real-time collaboration and has the Emmy-award winning ZCentral Remote Boost software at its disposal. It is truly a great tool for all creatives to continue to work in a hybrid manner. Alongside all the performance boosts, the artists can now use Wacom displays and tablets in a collaborative manner.

Another tool that pairs extremely well with ZCentral is NVIDIA's Omniverse. This allows for creatives to combine their collaborative efforts with hardware flexibility. NVIDIA Omniverse supports multiple OS meaning creators can use it whether they prefer Apple's OS or Windows. This allows the artists to work real-time outside of their office, but in collaboration using powerful software included in Adobe's creative suite.

The new monitors range in price from $239 all the way to $749. The models come in a QHD or a 4K variant and the release dates vary from January 2021 to March 2021. These monitors alongside HP ZCentral seem like great options for professional creators.