HP Slate comes back with a clean slate?

Rizwan Anwer

Earlier this year HP dropped the Slate and said some day it would make a return but I never thought they were merely taking a break! I was sure the tablet would take a year or two long break before coming back but after seeing this video I still think the Slate needs some polishing, the video shows the Slate in action and boy is it SLOW. Using Windows 7 with a tablet may not have been the smartest idea, albeit HP was going for something that would make their tablet stand out of the rest but giving the Slate a weak processor the video shows noticeable and sometimes irritating lag in the touch screen interface and the mouse cursor on the main screen is a bit odd wouldn't you think? I mean which other tablet has a mouse cursor on the screen?

Notice that he has trouble opening a new tab and eventually gives up uses his current tab to navigate to YouTube, while the Flash playback was smooth and perfect that is still no excuse for the laggy interface. HP should probably go back to the drawing board if they think that the Slate is ready for public release. While a change of OS scenery would be nice from the Tablet OS scene it is not really worth the money if the end product is so shoddy.

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