HP Launches New Note Books

Omer Saleem

HP has today announced the launch of several new note books in the market targeted towards the business community and users.

First up its the HP Elite Book 2740p Tablet PC. With multitouch, 15.1 inch screen and 8GB of RAM along with Core i7 CPU, this notebook is more of a dream come true for the business users. Along with the standard HDD support, EB2740p also supports SSD drives upto 160GB. It is also shipped with integrated HSPDA and EV-DO adapter card for on the go connectivity. The Notebook is priced at $1,599 for basic configuration and it goes up when you choose to upgrade it.

HP 2740p

Second on is HP Elitebook 2540p which constitutes of 12.1 OLED screen and a choice of Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs. It also includes HP Mobile Broadband with GPS. The notebook is equiped with Finger Print Reader for data security and is backed up by BitLocker. Keeping its promise of greener technology, HP Elitebook 2540p is 12% made up of recycled plastic. The notebook is priced started at $1,099.

HP Elitebook 2540
Both the notebooks are scheduled for market within the month of March 2010.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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