How-To – Use Rufus to Create Bootable Media Out of an ISO File


Windows comes with an installation package that has the ability to create its own bootable media without needing a third-party solution to do so. But what if you wanted to use or play with a different OS that doesn't have a way to automatically make a USB boot drive from within itself?

This how-to guide is intended to help the budding beginner to become acquainted with using Rufus to help facilitate all of their OS installation needs.

Rufus, creating bootable USB media with an ISO has never been easier.

Rufus is a powerful utility that allows you to reformat different USB storage devices for use as bootable installation media. It can be obtained by going here. It's a small and terribly complicated program to use.

Once downloaded, make sure to download the ISO image that you want to use to install. Plug-in your USB drive and double-click to run Rufus. Once the window pops up, simply select the device you USB device you wish to copy the ISO image to from the drop-down menu, then select the partition scheme you want. MBR is acceptable for most motherboards and is a good default option because you can always configure your BIOS to run from an MBR enabled drive.

Generally there's no need to change the file system or cluster size, so leave those alone. A little further down you can select your formatting options. Quick format works in most cases and leave 'Create extended label and icon files' checked for good measure. Also, unless you know that the storage medium you're using is bad, you shouldn't necessarily have to check for bad blocks after the ISO is written, so that can also be left unchecked.

The next step is selecting the ISO by clicking on the drop-down, clicking on ISO then clicking on the disk icon to the right. Find the ISO you want, then double-click on it. After that is the easy part. After a few minutes of writing data to the USB drive, it'll finally be finished and ready for you to use. Just eject it properly and use it to your heart's content.