Give Your Windows 10 Start Menu Makeover By Making It Full-Screen With These 5 Steps

Start Full-Screen Mode

If you have Windows 10 operating system on your computer, this is essentially what your screen looks like when you click the Windows 10 Start Menu button. Everything is on the left side, and you can choose your app by scrolling up and down. Looks great, but it can be better.

Start Menu
You can give your Windows 10 Start menu a makeover and give it a full screen as it deserves. What I mean is that your Start icons will no longer be on the side but will be spread out over your entire desktop in all their glory (featured image).

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Do you love this? If yes, then by all means, read on and follow these five very simple steps to give your Windows 10 Start menu the space it deserves.

Step 1 – For the first step, simply click on the Windows Start menu, and then once it opens, select Settings.

full screen Start Menu Settings

This is the Windows Settings screen that will be open in front of you:


Step 2 - When the Windows Setting screen is open, click on Personalization.

Windows 10 Start Menu full screen
Step 3 – Once the Personalization settings open, click on the Start button on the left side of the screen. This is what the Start menu will display:

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Windows 10 Start Menu

Step 4 – The second last button is the solution to your problem right now. "Use Start full screen" will be off at first. Just click on it, and it will switch to On.

Start Full Button
Step 5 – Now, close the entire menu, and your work is done. Go to your main Start menu on your desktop, and this is how your Start menu should look like now:

Windows 10 Start Menu full screen
If you want to close the menu, just click on the Escape key on your laptop keyboard. If you love the full-screen mode, then keep it, but if it isn't your thing, then there is no need to worry because the process to disable it is the same. Just follow the above steps but in Step-4, toggle it off to turn the full-screen off.

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