View Your Previously Liked Posts on Instagram [Tutorial]


Looking for your previously liked posts on Instagram? Here's how you can do it using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Looking for a Post You Previously Liked on Instagram? You Can Find Every Single One of them

Liking something on Instagram is probably the easiest thing to do. Just double tap on a post and you've 'liked' it, moving on to the next one. Whether it's something mildly interesting or insanely cool, we end up liking a ton of stuff on a daily basis. Some go on liking stuff more than others, which is not unusual at all in this day and age.

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If you ever decide to go back to one of the posts you've liked, then you will be pleased to learn that you can do that, too. Instagram shows you a list of all the posts you've liked since the beginning of time under one roof. But accessing it for the first time is not straightforward. So, to make things easy, we've compiled a small tutorial for you.

Here's how you access your previously liked posts on Instagram:


Step 1. Launch the Instagram app from your Home Screen.

Step 2. Now tap on your profile tab at the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3. See those three dashes on the top right of the screen? Tap on them.

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Step 4. You'll see a list of options here - simply tap on Your Activity.

Step 5. Tap on Interactions.

Step 6. Now tap on Likes.

Step 7. Scroll to infinity and have a look at everything you've liked so far during your time on Instagram. Pretty cool, right? Obviously.

If you're here to unlike something, then you can do that as well. Simply find the post in the list, open it up and then tap on the heart icon underneath the post. The post has now been unliked and no one will know about it, unless everyone already has.

We are extremely glad this feature exists. In fact, it was only recently I needed to go back to a very certain post which I liked a few weeks back and this feature made everything so much simple. We're certain that it will make things convenient for you as well.

We would've liked it more if there was a dedicated 'likes' tab right in the profile tab which would've made things very convenient. And an option to hide or make the tab public should be up to the user itself.

Maybe that's an update planned for later. Who knows!

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