Turn off WhatsApp, Messages Notifications in Apple CarPlay

Uzair Ghani
Turn off notifications for Messages, WhatsApp in CarPlay

You can stop iPhone notifications from appearing in Apple CarPlay for apps like Messages and WhatsApp. Here's how it works.

Stop WhatsApp or Messages Notifications from Showing up in CarPlay Using a Few Simple Steps

CarPlay is simply amazing. Connect your iPhone to your car wirelessly or using a Lightning cable and you get a view of maps and access to all your music in your car's infotainment system. Of course, all of this needs proper hardware to work, but you already knew that.

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While CarPlay is great and all, but it can lead to a slight breach of privacy, especially when there are a lot of people sitting in the car with you. See, CarPlay filters out notifications and only shows you stuff that supports CarPlay itself, this means whoever messages you using the Messages app or WhatsApp, the notification will show up on the display, along with the name of the person who has sent it.

There are several routes you can take in order to stop these notifications from showing up on the car's display. You can either turn on Driving Focus, which is Do Not Disturb while you're driving, or just turn off notifications for either Messages or WhatsApp. We will walk you through both of them.

Turn on Driving Focus

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your car and bring up CarPlay.

Step 2. In the list of apps, launch Settings in CarPlay.

Step 3. Tap on Driving Focus.

Step 4. Now tap on Activate with CarPlay to enable this feature.

Once this feature is enabled, apps that support Focus mode will tell everyone that you currently have notifications silenced. Every single notification will be blocked on CarPlay when Driving Focus is enabled. Call notifications will still come through even if the feature is turned on.

Disable Notifications for Apps in CarPlay

Want to disable notifications for a specific app like WhatsApp or Messages? Here's what you need to do on your iPhone.

Step 1. With your iPhone connected to your car and CarPlay enabled, launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Now tap on Notifications.

Step 3. Open up WhatsApp or Messages. Literally just select any app that supports CarPlay and whose notifications you don't want to see in your car.

Step 4. Disable the Show in CarPlay toggle switch as shown in the screenshot below.

It's a far better idea to simply enable Driving Focus. Notifications of any sort on the display can be extremely distracting unless you're expecting something important.

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