Remove Location Data From Your Photos on Windows 11 and Prevent Privacy Breaches


Do you know that when you take a picture using your camera app, some very important details are captured? These details include your location, IP address, phone model number, etc. Such information is referred to as Metadata, and it can be removed easily using your phone or your computer as well. If you plan to share these images with other people or on social media, it is better to remove these details because they can cause privacy breaches. This tutorial will show you how to remove location data from your photos on Windows 11.

Remove Location Data From Your Photos Windows 11

When sharing images from your Windows computer, you should ensure that these details are removed. The process is very simple, and you can do it very quickly. Just follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Locate the photo you wish to remove the location data for.

Step-2: Right-click on it and select Properties.

Remove Location Data From Photos

Step-3: Select the Details tab.


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Step-4: Now click on Remove Properties and Personal Information at the bottom of the window.
Remove Location Data From Photos

Step-5: Another window will open up. Select Remove the following properties from the file.
Remove Location Data From Photos

Step-6: Scroll down to GPS, select Latitude and Longitude, and select OK.

BONUS: If there is other information you wish to remove, you can select those options from the list and select OK.

If you have any more security tips for Windows, share them with us in the comments below.