How to Unlink Devices from Your WhatsApp Account on iPhone and Android


Here's how you can unlink all unwanted and unused devices from your WhatsApp account from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Protect Your WhatsApp Account and Remove Linked Devices Which You Do Not Use

WhatsApp is no longer exclusive to a smartphone and you can use it on a range of devices such as tablets and computers. But, obviously, you do need to have a smartphone to sign up in the first place.

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If you make use of this multi-device feature a lot and are signed into a lot of places then it is probably a good idea to go through the entire list of linked devices and remove the ones which you no longer use.

In some cases, this feature can actually be misused and you will never ever know about it. For example, you were away, someone used your phone to link their laptop and now they can see all your messaging history, including photos and videos. To ensure this doesn't happen, we will show you how you can unlink a device from WhatsApp in a few simple steps. Learn to do this now so you do not scramble yourself in the very last minute when you need it the most.


Step 1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android device.

Step 2. Now tap on Settings.

Step 3. Tap on Linked Devices.

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Step 4. You'll see a list of all devices that are linked to your account. An empty list is the best list. But if you see a device that shouldn't be there, tap on it to open.

Step 5. Tap on Log Out.

Do this for all devices which you do not want in the list. If there is a device that belongs to you and you do not use WhatsApp on it then it is a great idea to remove that from the list anyway, just in case. You can always sign back in instantly whenever you need to use WhatsApp on your laptop or some other device.

If you signed up for WhatsApp's 'Multi-Device Beta' then make sure you opt-out of it if you do not plan to use it. Once enabled, you can use WhatsApp on different devices without the need to have your phone online. While that feature is great and all, but it's a recipe for disaster if just left open carelessly.

It is extremely important that you keep an eye on this feature from time to time just to make sure that someone didn't use your account to sign into a web browser or some other device. It literally takes under a minute to confirm it all.

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