How to Access and Use Dedicated QR Scanner App on iPhone, iPad


You can quickly scan QR codes straight from the Control Center on iPhone and iPad. Here's how to enable the feature right now.

iPhone and iPad Feature a Dedicated QR Scanner App, Here's How to Use it

At this point, you've probably scanned hundreds of QR codes using the Camera app on your iPhone and iPad. But, did you know that iOS and iPadOS actually has a dedicated QR scanner app built right in? Once the feature is enabled, scanning a code becomes way too easy and you do not have to fight with your iPhone to tap on the link for more details. You can quickly access this app straight from the Control Center which is nothing but a huge convenience.

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This scanner is extremely simple to use. Just point your phone or tablet towards the code, and it will instantly do its magic. No more trying to click on a floating link as you do in the camera app as the built-in scanner is instant when it comes to opening links. Here's how to enable the feature right now.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 2. Tap on Control Center.

Step 3. Find the Code Scanner option and add it to the list of toggles by pressing on the + button next to it.

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Step 4. Now pull down Control Center and then tap on the Code Scanner icon.

Step 5. Point the iPhone, iPad camera to the code you want to scan and it will instantly open the relevant app to reveal more information.

The most amazing thing about this feature is how it instantly opens up a web link right within the app itself. This is a great little feature if you do not want to add a brand new tab to Safari. In fact, you also get the option to open the link in Safari instead, if it's something important so you can save it for later.

If it's a YouTube link you're scanning, the Code Scanner app will instantly launch the YouTube app (if it's installed) on your iPhone and iPad so you can get straight into the action without waiting.

There is even a flashlight button in the app, allowing you to illuminate a QR code if the need arises.

The only real downside of this app is this; it doesn't take photos or videos, which means you can't actually save an image of the QR code if you wanted to. For that, the Camera app is the way to go.

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