Temporarily Pause YouTube History on iPhone, Android [Tutorial]


Today we will show you how you can temporarily pause watch and search history in the YouTube app for both iPhone and Android.

YouTube Allows You to Pause Your Watch and Search History Temporarily if You Like Without Having to Delete Everything

You have to be severely disconnected from the world if you have no idea what YouTube is and what it does. It's a video streaming service which we all love (or hate). If you're reading this, you probably have countless watch hours on YouTube under your belt, too. This is something not surprising at all.

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With every passing day we amass a ton of watch and search history on YouTube as well. And sometimes, we end up deleting all of it too, for whatever reason. But thanks to that history, you end up getting personalized recommendations while you navigate through the service. This also means that watching a couple of videos off-topic is more than enough to shake up your recommendations and maybe even pollute your recommendations.

How do you avoid going over the edge? It's simple - just pause your YouTube history temporarily. And you can do it instantly on your iPhone or Android device. Once paused, everything you play from that point onwards won't be counted towards what you watch, and of course, won't go into your history, including search.


Step 1. Launch the YouTube app from your Home Screen.

Step 2. Tap on your display picture on the top right hand corner.

Step 3. Tap on Settings at the bottom.

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Step 4. Tap on History & privacy.

Step 5. Turn on the Pause watch history and Pause search history toggle switches as show in the screenshot below. Confirm your choices when prompted.

If you want to reverse this change to how it was before, simply follow the steps above again and turn off the toggle switches in step 5. There's nothing else you have to do.

This feature is absolutely fantastic if you want to go through a bunch of videos while not altering your recommendations and personalized results in any way. If you like, you keep pause your history indefinitely as well, keeping things frozen in time forever.

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