How to Set up an Account, Create Teams, and Host a Meeting in Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

Microsoft Teams ranks among the top virtual meeting platforms in the market and with Skype for Business retiring in 2021, its user base has grown even more so. Another benefit of Microsoft Teams is its direct integration with Office 365, which means that it's pre-included with your company's Office 365 license. You can host a meeting with up to 250 participants at a single time or you can also present in real-time to 10,000 viewers.

Here is how you can set up your account, create a team, and host a meeting in Microsoft Teams on Windows 10.

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Setting Up Microsoft Teams on Your PC

  1. Open the Start menu and type Microsoft teams in the search bar. Click on the Microsoft Teams app to proceed. You can download Microsoft Teams for free from here if you don't have it installed on your PC.
    • How to Set up Microsoft Teams on Windows 10
  2. Enter your Microsoft account email that you used to sign up on Microsoft Teams and click on Sign in.
  3. Enter the password of your Microsoft account email and select Sign in again.
  4. The system will begin setting up Microsoft Teams on your Windows 10 PC and log you in shortly.
  5. Enter the name of your organization and click on Continue.
    How to use Microsoft Teams
  6. Microsoft Teams will now sign you in by switching to your team account.
    How to Set up a Microsoft Teams meeting

Creating a Team in Microsoft Teams

  1. You will be welcomed by a minimalistic layout of Microsoft Teams. Click on Create Team to form a new team.
    How to Create A Team in Microsoft Teams on Windows 10
  2. Choose Build a team from scratch to begin or if you already have a workgroup associated with Office 365 then you can select the second option Create from… to continue.
  3. You can create a Private team that requires your permissions to admit any team members, a Public team that enables anybody in your organization to join, or an Org-wide team that basically lets everyone in your organization join automatically. Click on any mode to proceed.
  4. Add a Team name and Description as per your requirements and click on Create to finish the process.
  5. Now it would prompt you to add new members in your team, simply type in the email address of your colleague which is associated with Microsoft Teams and click on Add.
    • Getting started with Microsoft Teams
  6. Click on Close to exit the window once your teammate has been added.
  7. Once they redeem your invitation from their end then you can view the notification that they have been added to the team.
    Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Setting up a meeting on Microsoft Teams:

  1. You can click on the name of your newly added colleague to overview their profile and initiate a one-on-one meeting. You can chat with them via text, audio, and video. But if you want to host a group meeting and want for all of your team to join then simply click on the camcorder icon with the highlights at the bottom.
  2. Now you can Add the subject or name of the meeting that you will be hosting. Click on Meet now button when you’re ready to begin.
  3. The meeting will start immediately but you can choose to turn on/off your webcam and microphone from the menu in the center. To view the chatbox and participants, select the chat bubble and people icons respectively.
  4. Meanwhile, on the other end, your team members can view in the Teams menu that you initiated a new meeting. All they have to do is click on Join to be added to the meeting.
  5. You can now view the status of how many of your teammates have joined the meeting in the Participants menu.
    How to Host a Meeting on Microsoft Teams
  6. However, your teammates will not receive a notification once a team meeting has been set up by the organizer. Although it is a standard feature in many social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as users are informed about Live sessions, it still has not made it to Microsoft Teams. You can invite a team member manually by accessing the Show Participants panel, click on the tri-dot menu as you hover the cursor above the member's name, and select Ask to Join.
  7. This would essentially call your team member and as soon as they accept the call, they will be added to the meeting.

Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 only continues to grow with every passing iteration and especially in the light of recent events, it is considered as one of the most robust online meeting platforms in the world. Do let us know which app do you prefer for your work from home video calls.

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