How to Share Your Screen on Skype for Windows 10

screen share on skype windows 10

Currently boasting over 40 million active daily users, Skype remains one of the most trusted video conferencing platforms in the world despite the growth of Zoom and Microsoft Teams over the last few months. The app has also doubled its conference call limit and now 50 people can be added to a virtual meeting at the same time.

Adding 50 people in a virtual conference call is not the tricky part, but how do you convey your presentation effectively online? Screen share on Skype for Windows 10 is the key to get the job done as you can seamlessly share the screen of your computer to display the contents of a presentation in real-time.

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Here’s how you can share your screen on Skype on Windows 10:

  1. Open up the Start menu and type skype in the search bar. Click on the Skype app to proceed. If you do not have the Skype app then you can download it for free from here.
    • Share Screen On Skype for Windows 10
  2. Select the contact with whom you wish to chat from the Chats, Calls, or Contacts tab.
  3. You can share the screen on an audio call as well as a video conference. Click on the phone icon to initiate a new phone call or the camcorder icon for a video call.
  4. Select the overlapping box icon at the bottom-right corner between the chat and reaction icons.
    How to Share Screen on Skype
  5. Now if you wish to share the screen, simply toggle the switch ON just below the Start sharing button. Then click on Start sharing to begin screen share on your Windows 10 PC.
    How can you share your screen in Skype on Windows 10
  6. As the screen share begins, you will notice a red border around the corners of your screen. This indicates that the screen is being mirrored to your colleagues on the other end of the line.
  7. Minimize the Skype app and you can see a control panel on the desktop that manages Skype. You can mute/unmute the microphone with the mic icon, turn on the webcam via the camcorder icon, disconnect the call via the red phone button, and simply click on the overlapping box icon again to discontinue the screen share on Skype for Windows 10.
    How do I share my screen on Skype 2020

Screen sharing on Skype for Windows 10 unlocks limitless possibilities whether you’re teaching online or holding business meetings. Looking for some other tips and tricks? Don't forget to share what problems you are facing while working from home and we'll try our best to create helpful guides to solve as many of those issues as we possibly can.

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