How to Hide Notification Previews on the Mac [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
Hide notification preview on the Mac

You can hide or disable notification previews on your Mac running macOS Monterey in a few easy steps. This is a great way to hide content from everyone else.

Don't Want Anyone Seeing the Content of Your Notifications on Mac? Hide Notification Previews Instead of Turning them off Completely

We tend to get a lot of notifications on our Mac these days. While that's a good thing, as long as you're in your own personal space, but if you want to hide those notifications from people around you, you can do that as well.

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Instead of disabling the notification completely and forget whether or not something important came through, you can simply hide the notification preview instead. You will still get a notification from the app but the content of the incoming transmission will be hidden. If someone is next to you glancing at the screen, they will never know who you are interacting with.


Step 1. First and foremost, launch System Preferences from Launchpad, Dock, Spotlight search or by clicking on the Apple logo in the menu bar at the top.

Step 2. Click on Notifications & Focus.

Step 3. Find the app from the left whose notification preview you want to hide and click on it.

Step 4. On the right, you will see a bunch of options. Find Show Previews and set it to Never, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once this change is made, every single notification that comes through won't bear any sort of content. You'll simply get the name of the app where that notification originated from, that's it.

You can always reverse this change by going through the above steps again. Make sure you select When Unlocked or Always in the last step. It's a good idea to go for 'When Unlocked' as previews will remain invisible when your Mac is locked. Previews will only be shown once you unlock your computer.

You can always go through different settings to find the perfect mix on how to keep prying eyes away. For example, you can also disable notification badges on app icons, you can set the Mac to never show notifications on the lock screen and so on.

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