How to Convert Pages Format to Microsoft Word on iPhone, iPad

Uzair Ghani
Convert Pages to Word file on iPhone

Today we will show you how you can use the Pages app to convert Pages to the Microsoft Word file format on iPhone and iPad.

Learn to Convert Pages to Microsoft Word Using the Official Pages App for iPhone and iPad

It's not a secret that we live in a world where different file formats exist for different platforms and apps. While this does look like a problem, but thankfully, the magic of conversion exists which solves a lot of problems.

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If you have a Pages document with you and you're sending it to someone who only works with Microsoft Word, then obviously you need to convert that Pages document to Word before the ball can get rolling. In today's tutorial, we will show you how you can covert a Pages document to Microsoft Word file using the Pages app itself on the iPhone and iPad. It's a very, very simple process and one which you'll find ridiculously easy to follow once you know how it's done.


Step 1. First of all, you'll need the Pages app installed on your iPhone and iPad. You can download it from here if you haven't downloaded it already.

Step 2. Launch the Pages app from your Home Screen.

Step 3. Open the document in Pages which you want to convert to Microsoft Word format.

Step 4. Tap on the three dots button on the top of the display as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5. Now tap on Export as shown below.

Step 6. Now tap on Word.

Step 7. Once the conversion is complete, tap on Share and then save the file wherever you want. This can either be locally using Files or maybe send it over to someone using email, it's entirely up to you.

Keep one thing in mind - while Pages will convert the document to the Word format but you might end up having issues especially if you're using custom fonts. But Microsoft Word will replace the missing fonts with something appropriate upon opening the document in the Microsoft Word app. Just putting it out there since these things tend to happen very commonly.

All of the above steps can be repeated to convert multiple Pages documents to Word and sent off to someone or just saved locally for access later.

We're extremely thankful that Pages plays nicely with Microsoft Word documents right off the bat otherwise conversion would have been a nightmare going from one platform to another.

For more helpful guides and tutorials, head over to this section.

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