God of War Ragnarok Geyser and Gates Puzzles in Aurvangar Wetlands – How to Solve Them

Agnese Carluccio
God of War Ragnarok Aurvangar Wetlands puzzles

When you first start your journey in Svartalfheim during “The Quest For Tyr” mission, you will explore the Aurvangar Wetlands. Here, you will learn how to use your weapons to solve environmental puzzles and progress in the story. You should scan your surroundings carefully to complete God of War Ragnarok all by yourself, as you will find many different puzzles during your journey.

Make sure you also listen to the hints Mimir and Atreus provide, as they often point you toward the right path. Most of the time, the solution is easier than you can imagine. However, if you need help with this area of the game, you will find all the relevant information in this guide.

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How to Solve the First Puzzle

The first puzzle you will find in the Aurvangar Wetlands is quite simple. It will teach you how to use your Axe to block the water flowing from the ground. Just aim and throw the Axe at the Geyser’s base; it will freeze and let you jump. You will be able to progress and explore the area further.

How to Solve the Second Aurvangar Wetlands Puzzle

As you progress in the area, you will come across a closed gate preventing you from going further with the boat. You need to unlock it, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Soon enough, you will see a golden chain that will make you reach an upper platform.
  2. You will notice a wheel in the water, blocking the boat’s path for this Aurvangar Wetlands puzzle.
  3. On this wheel, there is a red symbol. Press the Circle button when prompted, and you will hook it with your Blades of Chaos.
  4. Move it downward, and the wheel will move. Now, you can continue your journey by returning to the boat.

How to Solve the Third Aurvangar Wetlands Puzzle

You will soon find another area that is blocked by a gate. It won’t let you pass with the boat, so you must unlock the mechanism preventing the entrance from being lifted. You can learn how to do it and solve this Aurvangar Wetlands puzzle below:

  1. Once you jump off the boat, you will notice a metal container holding a geyser’s jet. Open it with your Blades by pressing the Circle button.
  2. Freeze it with your Axe to reach the other side, and make your way up until you have a clear visual on the second, higher geyser.
  3. Aim and throw your Axe at it so that it will freeze the water. This will power up the lower geyser, and the jet will reach the upper wheel, opening the gate.
  4. Go back to the boat without recalling your Axe, so the gate will stay up until you reach the next area.

How to Solve the Fourth Aurvangar Wetlands Puzzle

The last puzzle in the Aurvangar Wetlands involves opening another gate blocking you from progressing further with the boat. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Jump off the boat and walk until you find a big square block held by a chain.
  2. There is a weak point above it, circular in shape, which you can aim at with your Axe. Once you break it, you will be able to progress further.
  3. Reach the chain near the water. Pull it by pressing the Circle button when requested, and you will lower half of the gate.
  4. Go left and reach the geyser. Freeze it and progress further.
  5. You will find some enemies to defeat. Once done, you need to use your Blades to open the metal container holding the geyser. You will notice a wheel above it for this Aurvangar Wetlands puzzle.
  6. To make the wheel work, you must block the previous geyser. You can throw your axe at the weak spot holding that big metal block above it.
  7. Once done, the wheel will start moving. Jump on the big metal block and throw your Axe at the geyser.
  8. Reach the upper platform and pull the chain so the remaining gate will also be opened.

If you still need help with God of War Ragnarok, you can read our guides on the best starting skills for the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos.

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