Enable and Use Incognito Mode in Chrome for iPhone, iPad, Android

Uzair Ghani
Enable and use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad, Android

Here's how you can enable and use incognito mode on Google Chrome web browser for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Learn to Enable Incognito Mode on Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad and Android for a Private Internet Session

Every single web browser out there offers incognito mode and if you've been using Google Chrome for a while on iPhone, iPad or Android then we will show you how you can use the feature.

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But before we actually jump into the tutorial itself, we will quickly fill you in on what incognito mode actually does. When enabled, it simply does not record your history for that browsing session, nor save any cookies and site data. Lastly, information entered in forms won't be saved or synced across devices either. It is an on-device private web browsing session.

However, you have to keep in mind that while your history is not recorded by the browser itself, but the website you visit might still know it's you, including your employer, school, college and your internet service provider. If you truly what to disappear from the internet, then it is best to top things up with a VPN. But we're not going to dive into that discussion today, and instead keep things as basic as possible - show you how to enable incognito mode in Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad and Android.


First of all, you need to download and install Google Chrome for iOS and Android.

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome from your Home Screen.

Step 2. If you're launching Chrome for the first time, you might want to set it up with your Google account, or just skip that part. Once done, you'll be at the main screen with the search bar at the top.

Step 3. Tap on the three dots at the bottom of the display.

Step 4. Tap on New Incognito Tab.

Step 5. You now have an incognito tab open in front of you. Just type in the address at the top and start browsing. You can open more tabs by tapping on the + sign at the bottom, or simply tapping on the three dots button and then tapping New Incognito Tab.

Step 6. Once you are done with the session, tap on the tab icon at the bottom, close existing tabs by tapping on the x button and then tap on the center tab to return to regular browsing tabs. This might sound like a lot to do but you'll get the hang of it eventually.

If you are using Apple's Safari web browser instead, it too has a private browsing mode which is similar to Chrome's incognito mode. If you are interested in learning more about it then make sure you check it out here.

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