Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where To Find The Royal Tools

Agnese Carluccio
where to find the royal tools in disney dreamlight valley

The Royal Tools play a massive part in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as they are needed to perform various essential actions, from fishing to mining minerals. Fortunately, you will get these tools quite early in the game, as Merlin will ask you to recover them in the Village as part of The Royal Tools quest. You must find and collect all of them to complete the mission and proceed with the main story.

As you unlock the tools, you will instantly be able to use them. But what is their exact location on the map? This guide contains all the information you need to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Royal Tools.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Royal Tools Locations

To complete The Royal Tools quest and proceed with the main story, you must find all four tools scattered around the Village. They are:

  • The Royal Pickaxe
  • The Shovel
  • The Watering Can
  • The Fishing Rod

Finding them shouldn’t be difficult, as Merlin gives you some hints in the quest description. However, the Plaza and the Meadow are not that small, so that it might require you some time. To speed up the mission, we have listed the exact location for each Royal Tool in Dreamlight Valley below, along with an explanatory screenshot.

The Royal Pickaxe Location in Dreamlight Valley

You can find the Royal Pickaxe on a rock if you head to the southeast area of the Plaza. You will instantly notice it, as it shines bright like the other Royal Tools.

The Royal Pickaxe will come in handy many times. You can use it to break rocks and clear the path, as many roads will be impassable for you initially. Moreover, you need it to mine minerals and hopefully get rare gems, which you can sell to Goofy’s Stall and make some good Star Coins.

The Shovel Location in Dreamlight Valley

The Shovel is located in the northeast area of the Plaza in Disney Dreamlight Valley, near Chez Remy restaurant. You can’t miss it.

You can use the Shovel to remove obstacles as you walk around the Village and during your entire adventure. This tool is also essential for farming, as it will help you prepare the soil for any seed you may want to plant.

The Watering Can Location in Dreamlight Valley

The Watering Cas is located in the Plaza, near your home. You will see it behind some barrels, between the house and the white fence.

You will probably use this tool a lot during your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You need it to water flowers and plants so your harvest grows better and better.

The Fishing Rod Location in Dreamlight Valley

The Fishing Rod is the last Royal Tool you will find in the game. You can get it only after you unlock the Pickaxe, as you need to free the path to reach it in the Meadow. You will find the Fishing Rod near a small pond, but it will be broken. Pick it up anyways and bring it to the house you see nearby. You will get to talk to Goofy, and he will reward you with a brand-new Fishing Rod.

You can use this Royal Tool to fish in any dedicated area, from small ponds to the open sea, but it might take some time to get used to it. After you cast your line in the water, you need to pay close attention to the circles you see and press the corresponding button quickly when you see that the one around the float becomes green. Also, aim at the ripples if you want to catch something good. You can then sell the fish or use it for cooking specific meals.

Once you have collected all the Royal Tools, you can head back to Merlin and speak to him to proceed with the main storyline. And if you need more help with Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can read our beginner’s tips and how to make Ratatouille.

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