Best Ways to Free Up Space on Your Windows 10 Hard Drive

free up space on Windows 10 hard drive

Hard drive clutter is never a good idea especially if you’re a power user who has a multitude of tasks lined up for the day. It not only captures extra space on your Windows 10 PC but also takes a toll on the overall performance and health of your hard drive. How to free up space on your hard drive in Windows 10, you ask? Here are four simple yet effective ways to get your hard drive clear and running in no time.

Using Disk Cleanup:

  1. Open the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup in the search bar. Click on the Disk Cleanup app to proceed.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu to select the partition that you wish to clean up and press OK to continue.
  3. The Disk Cleanup menu displays the potential amount of space that you can free up on your drive. Simply check the boxes of the files that you wish to get rid of such as Temporary Internet Files, Windows Error Reports, and more. If you wish to learn more about the type of files that you’re clearing out, you can click on the file type to reveal a description at the bottom. Click on OK to finalize your selections.
  4. It will prompt you to confirm if you wish to delete the files permanently, click on Delete Files button to proceed.
  5. The Disk Cleanup utility will provide you with the status of your cleanup as it clears out your drive.

Removing Temporary Files:

Your operating system tends to store temporary files such as cookies, caches, backup reserves, and much more at the back end. Essentially, this can prove to be a useful feature but in the long run it can take up a significant amount of space on your hard drive. Here’s how you can clear temporary files on your Windows 10 machine:

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  1. Open the Start menu and type Settings in the search bar. Click on the Settings app to open it.
  2. In the Settings menu, type Temporary in the search bar and select Delete temporary files to proceed.
  3. This will take you to the Storage settings; simply click on Temporary files to continue.
    free up space on Windows 10 hard drive
  4. Now you can check the boxes of the files that you wish to discard. For instance, you can clear the Recycle Bin or your Downloads folder to free up an ample amount of space. Click on Remove files once you’re done making the relevant selections.
  5. Windows will now purge the selected files to rid your hard drive of the clutter.
  6. It will inform you once the files have been cleared out.
    free up space on Windows 10 hard drive

Turning off Hibernation:

Hibernation is an in-built feature of Windows 10 that can help you save your progress without shutting your PC down. This feature technically dumps the entire session of yours into your RAM so that you can pick off from where you left off next time. It cannot only consume 75% of your RAM but also take up storage on your PC. Here’s how you can turn it off:

  1. The feature is turned on here as it can be viewed from the Start menu’s Power panel.
  2. Type cmd in the search bar of the Start menu and right-click to Run as administrator. Click on Yes as the User Account Control will ask for your permission to allow access.
  3. Type a command powercfg.exe /hibernate off and press Enter.
  4. If you wish to turn the feature on in the future then you can just repeat the process and type powercfg.exe /hibernate on and press Enter.
    free up space on Windows 10 hard drive
  5. You can verify via the Power control on the Start menu as the Hibernate option will disappear.
    free up space on Windows 10 hard drive

 Offloading Unnecessary Apps:

Removing unwanted applications has always been a viable solution when it comes to freeing up space on your hard drive. Here’s the easiest way to accomplish this task:

  1. Open the Start menu and type add or remove programs in the search bar. Click to open the Add or remove programs settings.
  2. Now all you have to do is click on the apps that you wish to uninstall from the list. Clicking on the app will reveal an Uninstall button, simply click on it.
  3. The system will ask for your confirmation before uninstalling the app, click on Uninstall again.
    free up space on Windows 10 hard drive
  4. The app will be uninstalled and free up your hard drive in the process.

These are the most efficient ways to clear out the clutter on your Windows 10 hard drive without losing any important data. This not only frees up space on your hard drive but also boosts the performance of your PC as you will feel a significant difference in the boot-up time and response time of the programs if you clear out the C drive.

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