How To Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone The Right Way

Here's how you can unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Users might want to do this if they want to sell their Apple Watch, or want to factory reset either their smartphone or wearable.

Apple Watch

Pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone is a very simple task. Simply turn on your iPhone's Bluetooth, tap on the 'Start Pairing' button on-screen, scan the Apple Watch's display, and after a few minutes everything will be set up just the way you'd want it. But of course, there comes a time when you'd want to unpair your wearable from your iPhone for a wide variety of reasons. For example, you want to sell it off, or want to factory reset your Apple Watch or the iPhone itself. The unpairing process is fairly simple and we'll walk you right through it.

Unpair Apple Watch From iPhone

Before you begin, keep one thing in mind: this will wipe your Apple Watch clean back to its factory state. In other words: the unpairing process will delete all your data stored on your Apple Watch, so be aware of this fact.

1. With your Apple Watch connected and paired to your iPhone via Bluetooth, launch the Apple Watch app on your smartphone.

2. Now tap on the 'Apple Watch' entry.


3. Here you'll see the Apple Watch which is currently paired to your iPhone. Simply tap on 'Unpair Apple Watch.'


4. You'll now get a popup asking you to confirm your action. Simply tap on the 'Unpair [name] Apple Watch' button to carry on with the unpairing process.


The Apple Watch will be unpaired in a matter of few minutes, so sit tight while it happens. And furthermore, like we mentioned before, you'll lose all your data on your wearable and things will be back to factory state.

Once done, your Apple Watch will boot into the language selection screen, after which you are required to pair your device with an iPhone. If you unpaired your wearable for the sake of selling it, then simply hold down the Digital Crown and Side button together till the device powers down.

And that's how you unpair an Apple Watch from an iPhone. Simply wasn't it? We're sure you'll agree. And if you found this guide to be extremely useful, then don't forget to let us know about it in the comments section below. We'll be back with even more Apple Watch related how-tos in the near future so stay tuned for that as well.

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