How To Get The iPhone X’s Default ‘Reflection’ Ringtone On Any iPhone


The iPhone X is the biggest upgrade since the original iPhone was introduced to the world back in 2007. The device packs a boatload of unique features coupled with highly advanced technology. Apple has set the iPhone X a base for all the future iPhone models to come in the next couple of years. The latest flagship from Apple adds the advanced camera technology on the primary shooter as well as the front-facing camera. While most iPhone models share somewhat same basic features, the iPhone X is no different. Apart from the standard user interface changes, the iPhone X also features an exclusive ringtone called 'Reflection'. However, if you want to get the sound on your iPhone, we will tell you how you can port it.

Set The iPhone X's New 'Reflection' Ringtone On Any iPhone

The iPhone X features all kinds of gestures through which you can interact with the device. Other than the gestures and some new features, the iPhone X also features a new sound. While the Marimba ringtone on older iPhone models is now iconic, the iPhone X comes with a new default ringtone called 'Reflection'. However, with all thanks to the tech-savvy folks, we can now port the new ringtone on any iPhone model.

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So follow the step by step instructions below to port the 'Reflection' ringtone on your iPhone.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to download the 'Reflection' ringtone on your Mac or PC. You can download the ringtone from here.
  2. Now, on your Mac or PC, rename the extension to .m4r.
  3. This step would involve syncing the new ringtone on your iPhone. Now connect your iPhone to iTunes and start the sync process. We are using version 12.7 of iTunes, it might be a little different in older versions of iTunes.
  4. Once the sync process is started, click on the iPhone icon at the top and the in the sidebar click on the Tones subsection.
  5. Now, simply drag the audio file that you downloaded earlier over the iTunes window in the empty Tones section.
  6. Now click on the Sync button. Once the syncing process is complete, detach your iPhone.

That's all to the process. To set it on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Sounds > Ringtones on your device. 'Reflection' will rest at the top of the list. Tap on it and you're good to go.

This is it for now, folks. Would you be interested in setting the new 'Reflection' ringtone on your older iPhone? Let us know how it goes.