How to Locate or Wipe Your Devices Using Google’s “Find Your Phone” Feature


Google announced yesterday that its "Find Your Phone" function will work for both the Android and iOS devices, helping users locate all their devices from a single point. If you aren't sure how this will work, today's guide will help you find your lost Android or iOS phones using Find Your Phone feature.

How to use "Find your phone" to track Android and iOS devices

Google already allowed its users to locate their devices, but the feature has remained exclusive to Android devices, similar to Apple's "Find My Phone." We reported yesterday that Google is moving to a more ubiquitous approach, offering its service to both the Android and iOS devices. Up until now, Google's Find Your Phone service was buried deeply inside submenus, but that all changes now. Similar to a strategy that we saw Google taking at its I/O 2016, the company is now turning all its essential functions to apps.

This way, Google will not only be able to send direct updates to users, but will also be able to cater to iOS users who use Google services on their iPhones and iPads. Users have two options to access the Find Your Phone feature: from the web by going to Google's My Account settings page, or by launching the official Google search app on iPhone, iPad or Android device.

1- Login with your Google account


  • Download and install Google search app on your Android (download link) or iOS device (download link). download google
  • Say “Ok Google, show me my Google account” to voice search.
  • Google will take you to the accounts page. You can also choose to type the same string in the search box.

2- Find Your Phone

  • Under the Find your phone section, click on the Get started link.

find your phone ios

3- Erase, locate your lost device

  • Select the device that you want to locate or wipe. google find your stolen phone
  • You can send a finder message, erase its data, or track its current location.  find your lost android phone

Note: while you can display a message on your lost iPhone, you cannot erase data on your iOS device because Apple doesn't allow third-parties to have that much control. But, Google's Find Your Phone will lead you to Apple's services that will help you track and erase the contents of your stolen device.

find your phone ios

Have you used Google's updated Find Your Phone services? Let us know your thoughts about it.