Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Explains Absence Of MP; Similar To The Witcher 3


Horizon Zero Dawn from Dutch developer Guerrilla Games, will not include a multiplayer mode. In a recent interview, executive producer Mark Norris explains why, and draws a comparison with The Witcher 3.

Horizon Zero Dawn

When Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 was announced, it became clear that the action-RPG will only feature a single-player mode. With the current install base of Playstation Network users, some might wonder if focussing on a single player title, is the right decision. According to executive producer Mark Norris though, “there are questions as to why a multiplayer will not do”.

“The reality is that we are putting together a new IP. We are making a new franchise for the first time in 10 years and what we really want to do is improve the experience for a player. When you get to face these machines as Eloy, with this great character, who is the real star of the story”, Norris told IGN Latino America (roughly translated)

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn To Focus On Eloy

Clearly, Guerrilla wants Horizon to focus on Eloy and the story around her. In that regard, playing as a support character in a multiplayer mode, isn’t what the game is about.

But what happens when you take the elements of multiplayer, you play as Eloy? You play as a supporting character? How does that work?

The executive producer even drew a comparison with singleplayer game, The Witcher 3, which is considered to be one the best games of 2015. According Norris, Guerrilla really liked the iconic Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3, which doesn’t include a multiplayer mode either.

“It is an action RPG with a single player experience. I think we’re similar in that way, we want this to be the story of Eloy. Although a multiplayer mode is great and maybe we can think of something for the future, but we want Horizon Zero Dawn’s story to be on Eloy and it’s going to be fantastic when you play with it”, Norris said.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for a Holiday 2016 release, exclusively for the PS4.