Horizon Forbidden West PS5 File Size Likely One of PlayStation Studios’ Biggest Ever

Nathan Birch
Horizon Forbidden West Anticipated Action

Sony and Guerrilla Games' Horizon Forbidden West is going to be a big adventure, featuring a large open world packed with enemies, NPCs, and sights to see, but just how much space will it take up on your PS5’s SSD? Depending on how efficiently they’re designed, big games don’t always mean huge file sizes, but in the case of Forbidden West, you’re probably going to need to clear some disc space in advance. According to usually-reliable PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, the game will weigh in at a hefty 96.35 GB.

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The tweet does warn that sometimes database listings are a bit larger than the final game, but at the same time, the figure doesn’t include any Day 1 patch, which would most likely expand the file size further. Somewhere in the 90 GB range definitely seems a solid bet. If so, this would make Horizon Forbidden West one of the biggest PlayStation Studios exclusive to date – probably only the 100 GB+ Grand Turismo Sport would be bigger.

How large Horizon Forbidden West might be on the PS4 remains an open question. Due to the PS5’s built-in “invisible compression” many games on the new console are actually smaller than the last-gen version. That said, if the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West really pushes the high-quality assets, it may still be larger than the PS4 version. We shall see.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. Have you already got some SSD space cleared for the game?

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