Horizon: Zero Dawn On PS4 Gets First Live TGS Gameplay


During Sony's E3 conference, Guerrilla Games showed off their new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn through a staged video. At the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, Sony showed off a live demo of the game for the very first time since its announcement, though it's the same level demonstrated at E3 2015.

The recording of the demo can be found below and is taken from the Nico Nico Livestream. Unfortunately the quality is rather low; still, credits go to SilentProtagonistPV for uploading the recording.


Like the E3 demo, the gameplay focuses on the different elements of gameplay featured in the game. The recording is accompanied by commentary from a Guerrilla Games developer, who details some of the exploration that can be done in-game.

Guerrilla Games has presented the game as an open-world RPG, and according to game director Mathijs de Jonge the size of the game is comparable to other recent open-world games. The first game that comes to mind is of course CD Projekt Red's  'The Witcher 3'. Healing in the game is done through healing yourself by 'things' found in Horizon's nature - there will be no self-regeneration.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled for a release in 2016, exclusively for Sony's PlayStation 4.