HORI TAC Pro One Is The First Microsoft Approved K&M for Xbox One


We've long known that keyboard and mouse support was coming to Xbox One. According to a report by Windows Central, it could be coming in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, we've got the first keyboard and mouse officially approved by Microsoft. Made by HORI, the TAC Pro One really has more of a keypad than a keyboard, but that will be more than enough to play games.

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Officially Licensed by Microsoft. The TAC Pro One's mechanical keypad and mouse bring PC style controls to Xbox One. Designed specifically for FPS games, features include keypad or analog stick movement, and programmable user profiles. The TAC Pro One provides an entirely new control method to the Xbox One to revolutionize your play style.


Universal Compatibility

Plug and play on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Designed specifically for FPS games. Compatible with the included TAC Gaming Mouse or any HID-compliant USB mouse.

Fully Programmable

Adjust and store your settings for mouse sensitivity, acceleration and dead zones. All sensitivity and key settings are programmable through the TAC Mobile App.

HORI-original mechanical key switch

20 LED-backlit mechanical keys equipped with key switches independently-developed by HORI for lightning-quick speed and rapid input capability.

Ergonomic and adjustable

The TAC Pro One KeyPad is designed to fit the human hand naturally for maximum comfort and the palm is adjustable to fit hands of all sizes.

3200 DPI Optical Mouse

Gaming grade mouse with ultra-responsive micro-switches for deadly accuracy. Buttons are intuitively mapped by default and can be programmed as needed.

Advanced Features

Quick Button increases mouse sensitivity for faster reaction time, Snipe Button reduces sensitivity for precision aiming, Walk Button for precision movement, WASD or analog stick movement options, and more.

The HORI TAC Pro One is available for pre-order on Amazon, priced at $149.99. It's launching on October 30th and can be used on both PC and Xbox One.