In Honor of 2000 Tweets, Metal Gear Online Developers Reveal a New Support Tool

Metal Gear Online is getting just as much of an update with release of Metal Gear Solid V. So to mark the occasion of having sent 2000 Tweets (I suppose absolutely anything can be celebrated, if you put your mind to it) the Metal Gear Online developers disclosed a little bit of information about their latest support device that they're including in the newest version, the Enemy Locator, or E-Locator.

The E-Locator sends out pulses of laser ultrasonics to locate enemies within a given radius.

Those Metal Gear Solid Online developers also went on to clarify just what it is, how it works and who can use it. Once thrown, this little green device emits around 10 pulses with a 4-5 meter radius that can locate enemies even behind walls. The positions will show up on the map, and will be a visible outline as well. The device is visible to enemies and it'll emit a beeping noise and a flash of light every second it's active. For Metal Gear Online 3 (the updated for Metal Gear Solid V version) the E-Locator will have the ability to share location information with the entire team, and not just with the thrower of the device.

Also rather interesting is that there will be no may to turn off the use of support gadgets within Metal Gear Online 3. Meaning that there is no mode akin to "hardcore" mode in the likes of Battlefield or Call of Duty.

The developer was also quick to point out that any of the specs or information they gave out during their conversation on Twitter were not necessarily final. That disclaimer is always necessary for elements of a game that won't be playable for some time, because they might change their minds drastically surrounding the advantage they want to give with their new device.

Metal Gear Online 3 will be released along side Metal Gear Solid V in September. It'll take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the Fox engine to render better and larger environments, with a variety of tactical options available to up to 16 players at a time. It'll be releasing on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One September 1st 2015 and on the PC on September 15th.

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