Homall Gaming Chair on sale for 69% off the retail price!

Evan Federowicz

The Homall Gaming Chair is on sale for the low price of $84.99. If you are in the market for a new gaming chair this is a perfect pick for the next three days (this sale ends on Sunday).

The S-Racer gaming chair from Homall is on sale for $84.99, which is an amazing 64% off the retail price!

The S-Racer gaming chair comes in two colors a nice and sleek all-black color with only the S-Racer being white with a red slash going through the S. This color would make this chair blend into any gaming setup seamlessly.


The other color is Black and white, with black being the base color of the chair and white accents around some of the cushions of the chair. The while coloring to the cushions makes this chair look exotic and will most definitely turn heads!

The seat cushion has been upgraded from the previous gaming chair version, this allows for more extended gaming session without any pain or sores from the bottom of the chair. The thicker padded back and seat along with an upgraded tilt locking mechanism, allow you to be able to stay in the upright position and not worry about it randomly unlocking. The upgraded version also comes with an adjustable armrest which allows your arms to rest comfortably on the armrests no matter the height of the desk.

The backrest has 4 locking positions, one being working which leaves your backrest at 90 degrees, two which is labeled as the gaming position which locks the backrest at 110 degrees. The third position is labeled as resting which makes the backrest stay at 130 degrees, which will keep you relaxed as you watch some calming videos and rest from a particularly hard boss, the final position is 150 degrees which are labeled as napping, this leaves the chair almost horizontal with a slight incline to help you nap.

Along with the upgraded cushion, the chair has a carbon fiber design but is actually leather fabric, which will make the fabric feel great even if sitting on it for hours on end during a particularly long gaming session.

At the low cost of just $84.99, this gaming chair is worth any penny and I would go pick this chair up as soon as possible ( as this sale ends on Sunday) roughly only three days till this goes back to the original price of $269.99.

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