Evolve scores big in first reviews

Kimo Linder-Fattah

Ever since Turtle Rock Studios broke away from Valve, they have been working on Evolve, and their hopes are obviously that Evolve is, as successful if not more so than Left 4 Dead. The game is released tomorrow but a few publications have already been able to share their reviews and scoring, and it's Initially looking to be some pretty high scores.

Pretty high scores for Evolve so far.

Gamespot gives it 8 out of 10

"As with Turtle Rock's Left 4 Dead, Evolve is best when you play with buddies; getting matched with a novice can lead to ghastly results if your newfound friend constantly seeks out the nonexistent "I" in "team." It doesn't take long to whip a newcomer into shape, at least, meaning you can usually focus on Evolve's unique brand of greatness: the suspense of the hunt, the exhilaration of battle, and the drive to dominate Shear."

Polygon gives it 8 out of 10 (their review is tagged as provisional at the moment)

"Evolve occasionally brushes against a real breakthrough for Turtle Rock, with its distinctive take on a different kind of multiplayer shooter. New territory always presents new problems, and Evolve doesn't always solve them. But it distinguishes itself from the pack of multiplayer options out there with the flair of something truly different."

Shacknews gives it 7 out of 10

"In a world of overcrowded shooters, I've grown to enjoy Evolve and the uniqueness it brings to the table. One item that should be noted, though, is the shakiness of the game's shooting mechanics. While I mostly embraced the Assault class for a chunk of the review, that only made the iffy physics surrounding aiming and firing that much more apparent."

Escapist Magazine gives it 4.5 out of 5

"Evolve is a strong co-op title that rewards good teamwork with an amazing experience. Plenty of variety in classes and game types makes every round something new."

Our review should quite possibly be out later on this week, as with a few other publications, the reviewer would like some more time with the game, as well as the fact that we did not receive a review copy in advance. Thus meaning that the review will be done on a release copy of the game. I'm looking forward to reading said review, as well as trying out the game for myself later on, since I barely had any time with it during its beta phases.

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