Here’s Your First Look at Android 13 and Some of the New Features it Brings

Furqan Shahid
Here's Your First Look at Android 13 and Some of the New Features it Brings
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While a lot of people are still waiting for Android 12 and Android 12L to hit their devices, Google has started working on Android 13. Only yesterday we talked about how the upcoming iteration of Android could bring a new feature that would allow per-app language setting and today, we have a whole bunch of new features that might be coming to the next Android version and aside from that, we are also getting some early screenshots.

The leak is coming from the folks over XDA who have shared a list of features that are making their way to Android 13. It is worth noting that Google might change or remove the features altogether in the final version.

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Below are some of the features expected in Android 13.

  • App languages.
  • Runtime permission of notifications.
  • TARE: The Android Resource Economy.
  • Lockscreen clock layout.

Android 13 Could Bring App Languages Along with a Host of New Settings for Better User Experience

Where Android 12 seems to have capitalized on making the user privacy and security better, Android 13 seems to be focusing on bringing a better user experience to everyone.

The App Language setting is indeed there and should make it easier for all bilingual users to have a better experience at using the apps and the OS itself.

The screenshot above proves that the feature is being worked on by Google.

Runtime Permission of Notifications

Currently, every app that you install on Android has the ability to push notifications to your device. As you install more apps on your phone, the number of notifications increases as well, which results in notification spam.

With Android 13, it adds runtime permission called "POST_NOTIFICATIONS" For notifications. This means that notification could become a feature that you could opt-in and out of. Users might get the chance to choose whether they want the app to send a notification to their device in the same manner that you get to allow other runtime permissions such as Location, Camera, or MIcrophone.

There is a chance that the new notifications runtime permission will be default to all apps targeting Android 12 or older but for apps that are targeting Android 13, they will have to follow the new rules.

TARE: The Android Resource Economy

With Android 13, Google is going ahead and laying the foundations of a feature known as "TARE," which is short for "The Android Resource Academy." The feature focuses on energy-use management on your device with the feature working through AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies.


As per the source, TARE will introduce "Android Resource Credits," it sounds like a form of currency that is linked to the battery level of your phone. Google will be "awarding" credits to apps based on how the battery depletes and the apps can then use the credits as "payments" for the opportunity to perform tasks.

Basically, Google will be setting limits to how many tasks an app can schedule through JobScheduler and AlarmManager based on the battery level and the requirements of the app. It does sound complex and we are going to have to wait for the final documentation before we can further comment on it.

New Lock Screen Clock Layouts

With Android 13, Google is also adding a new setting that will let you toggle the layout of the clock on the lock screen. On Android 12, the lock screen clock is displayed in a double line layout that but with Android 13, this is going to change and you will be able to have a different experience as well.


All these features aside, it is important to know that Android 13 is still in the early stages of development and we are likely to see a lot more features coming soon and there is also a chance that the features that have been discovered might change in the future iterations. We will keep you posted about more changes heading to the future versions.

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