Here’s A Few Tips For Gamers To Improve Gaming Performance on Windows 11 PCs

Jason R. Wilson
Here's A Few Tips For Gamers To Improve Gaming Performance on Windows 11 PCs 1
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Microsoft has provided an interesting list of tips to gamers that should help improve gaming performance on Windows 11 PCs.

Microsoft instructs gamers to open their systems to threats to increase gaming performance in Windows 11 PCs

The company recently instructed gamers seeking to boost performance in their AAA titles to deactivate two security features but warns of vulnerability to the user's system. Users were asked to trigger an additional security measure, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) so that Windows 11 would activate properly. However, in the process of these changes, performance remained negligible across all situations.

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The tech giant instructs gamers to deactivate two features — Virtual Machine Platform (VMP) and Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) — informing them to do so temporarily (most likely while gaming), but does warn the system will be open to attacks. These two features are generally active by default, but Microsoft explains why it is okay to deactivate them within Windows 11.

Microsoft wants all users to understand that they are doing their best to "protect it's over a billion Windows users." first, the company states that the HVCI, also known as Memory Integrity, prevents harmful code from being placed into the system while maintaining the drivers installed into the system when they are updated, valid, signed, and trusted. The company also explains that the VMP is utilized for services such as virtual machines, which have grown over the last few years.

Microsoft also knows that some users put gaming above work and general use on their systems and offers the ability to improve the gaming experience. Still, it does show concern in the process.

For users interested in improving the performance of their games and using Windows 11 as their operating system, if you head to the blog post published recently, Microsoft explains how to disable Memory Integrity within Windows 11, which is easily accessible since the most recent Windows Security update.

Turning off the VMP is different, taking you into your computer's "Windows Features" section and deactivating the protocol.

Microsoft has not yet provided word on the level of performance gain gamers will receive from the disablement within Windows 11. However, in browsing the Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums, user hobanagerik provided screenshots of tests they produced with HVCI enabled and some additional initial configurations. The user began with 36.5fps but then deactivated HVCI and only saw less than a single frame per second increase. Through further testing, under the provisions they set for the tests, the system could only slightly peak above 38fps.

There are no other reports on the forum, so we will have to be patient to see how the performance gains will be for those willing to open their system up to possible malware attacks.

News Sources: Toms Hardware, Microsoft Flight Simulator forums

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