Here Are the Top iOS & Mac Apps Gone FREE This Weekend


Rather than giving our readers some iOS freebies and calling it a day, today we're throwing in some paid Mac apps that have gone free as well.

Download the Best Paid iOS & Mac Apps Absolutely FREE For a Limited Time

All of these offers are available for a limited time only. Some might last for a week, while some might return to their original prices in a couple of hours. Your vigilance will ensure that you end up saving up a handful of money on premium software.

Apple Says US Bill That Allows Sideloading of Apps Would Wreck Consumer Privacy

Mad Truck 2 - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

Mad Truck 2 - drive the big mad truck on the mountain road to reach the destination in the limited time. There are many barriers(woods, stones, drums, scrap-car, zombies) on the road. It is crazy with big challenge.

Download Mad Truck 2 for iOS [App Store link]

Speed PRO+ - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

Speed PRO+ is a Universal GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.

Download Speed PRO+ for iOS [App Store link]

Informant - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE

Informant is a professional day planner integrating calendaring and powerful task management, along with rich notes and contacts.

Download Informant for iOS [App Store link]

StoryBook - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Get access to a whole library of classic fables, fairy tales and storybooks on your phone to be able to carry around with you and read at hand anytime anywhere.

Download StoryBook for iOS [App Store link]

FoxScanner - Regular price $5.99, Now FREE

With the new FoxScanner application, we are aiming at maximising your document management efficiency, and have come with the perfect tool to scan documents.

Download FoxScanner for iOS [App Store link]

Apple Stops Signing iOS 15.1.1, Downgrade No Longer Possible – What You Need to Know

This is Dop - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Swipe the ball in right direction - you must follow colour pattern of both, ball and wall.

Be careful not to swipe in wrong coloured wall, or you’ll lose your time.

Download This is Dop for iOS [App Store link]

Outland - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Outland is the app for creating an atmosphere of space journey right in your living room. Hook up your device to TV or open it up on Apple TV to enjoy the beauty of space. The app plays beautiful videos accompanied with nicely arranged music that makes the experience of space deeper and stronger.

Download Outland for iOS [App Store link]

Ruler - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

This is simple virtual Ruler app 17 feet/5 meters long.

Download Ruler for iOS [App Store link]

Bulk Email - Regular price $19.99, Now FREE

Bulk Email is a utility to send attractive, personalised email to groups of recipients while keeping within anti-spamming laws and your mail server limits.

Download Bulk Email for macOS [Mac App Store link]

@home - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

@home is a small status bar utility that keeps your portable Mac unlocked when you are at home, by disabling sleep mode and screensaver.

Download @home for macOS [Mac App Store link]

Doc Writer - Regular price $9.99, Now FREE

Doc Writer is a magic, easy-to-use word processor. You can easily view and edit many kinds of documents .
• Support doc, docx, rtf, rtfd, txt, odt format
• Export files to PDF, DOC and RTF
• Word & page count
• Insert table & picture

Download Doc Writer for macOS [Mac App Store link]

Airnotes - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Airnotes is a simple, yet powerful tool to write down anything - from a simple note to a long text. It's fast, intuitive and beautiful. Needless to say, everything will be synced up to iCloud so that you won't have to worry about losing your data again.

Download Airnotes for macOS [Mac App Store link]

PDF Plus - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE

PDF Plus is a powerful PDF processor that will help you merge, split, watermark and crop PDF documents in just three easy steps.

Download PDF Plus for macOS [Mac App Store link]

AppLocker - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE

AppLocker can password protect individual apps on your Mac.

It's easy to use and there is absolutely no configuration required. Just start AppLocker, add a password and select the apps you want to keep private.

Use this tool and stop worrying about your privacy when you lend your computer to a guest, friend or family member. No one will mess with your important apps anymore.

Download AppLocker for macOS [Mac App Store link]