Get Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions And Protect Yourselves From Attacks That Anti-Virus Software Cannot Spot


The digital era has made us very highly dependent on anti-virus software. Ever taken a risk and used the internet without an anti-virus installed? Well I have. I think many of you will know what happens when an anti-virus hasn’t been installed and how badly your computer systems get affected. It so happens that even when an anti-virus is installed, some attacks are never spotted. Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions play a role in this situation.

Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions features

What Heimdal Security Pro does is block attacks that an anti-virus cannot detect. The next question that arises here is how this happens. It works silently in the background and filters all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic and blocks all malware communication. This way you can continue with your work without fear of infection. Your computer will be protected from 2nd generation malware like banking trojans and ransomware. With Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions you will be able to:

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  •  Blocks attacks that an anti-virus can’t stop
  • Scans and filters all your internet traffic (HTTP, HTTPS, DNS)
  •  Blocks threats before they penetrate your system
  •  Stops ransomware, email malware distribution, malicious redirects, DNS hijacking and more
  •  Updates vulnerable software without interrupting your work
  •  Prevents attackers from harvesting your confidential information, such as passwords and credit card details
  •  Provides actionable details about your PC's security status

Details and Requirements

The Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions come with minor updates. The security system is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It also needs Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6.1 to function. If it is not already installed then Heimdal will download this to your computer. Other than this it needs 25 MB disk space, local administrator rights during installation, user rights during execution and a good internet connection. The subscription can be used on 4 PCs and you will have access to the subscriptions for a year. You can purchase Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions at this site and can redeem the license within 30 days of purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Get Heimdal Security Pro Subscriptions now before the deal expires.