Heavy Rain pouring down on the PC?

The unbelievable is finally believable this may be the VERY FIRST PlayStation 3 Exclusive game to sneak its way on to another platform. Which is a HUGE thing considering this is one of the MUST have games on the PS3 right now.

This nZone list confirmed us that smash hit PlayStation exclusive is a huge maybe (80%) coming for the PC and will also utilize Physx; I for one can't wait for this game. Heavy Rain is a fantastic game which centers around the events of multiple characters all of them trying to find out the identity of the "Origami Killer"; a vicious killer who drowns his victims and leaves a small origami animal on their corpse. You will play many people in Heavy Rain even a father whose son might be the latest victim of the Origami Killer and you will have to do a series of "trials" to earn clues as to your sons location, aside from a father of the victim you will play the role of an NSA agent with super cool gadgets, a private eye and even a reporter, all of whom are people hunting the Origami Killer.

The Nzone list confirms the existence of the game for the PC let's hope there is an official word soon.

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