HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Can Be Yours For Just $31.95 – Avail Discount Now

HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Some laptops get hot when they are used for hours at a time. Many of us are now so dependent on our laptops that we either need to ensure that we get a new laptop every couple of years or we get cooling pads to cool the laptop and prevent it from overheating. Wccftech is offering a limited-time discount on the HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad. The offers will expire very soon, so get it now.

HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Features

This is a bestselling laptop cooling pad and it comes with a special mesh design that ensures maximum airflow. It has large fans but the best thing is that they aren’t noisy. Not only is the cooling pad eye-catching with LED lights, it comes with a rotatable switch and you can adjust fan speeds. Here are highlights of what the HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad has in store for you:

  •  Large High-Speed Fans. Provide superior airflow at whisper-quiet noise levels
  •  Metal Mesh Surface Design. Release airflow to keep the laptop from heating up
  •  Ergonomic Comfort Cooling Stand. Comfortable for natural point of view
  •  Adjustable Height. Meet different needs when working or playing games
  •  Non-Slip Baffle. Prevents laptop from slipping off
  •  Extra USB Ports. For power & data transfer


  •  Color: red
  •  Materials: ABS, HIPS, metal mesh
  •  Size
    o Cooling pad: 1.6"H x 11.8"L x 15.8"W
    o Fans: 4.33" x 4.33" x 0.60"
  •  Number of fans: 3
  •  Rated voltage: 5V DC
  •  USB ports: 2
  •  Speed: 1100 +/- 200RPM
  •  Cable length: 23.62" (60cm)
  •  RGB side light: 15
  •  Superior cooling
  •  Whisper-quiet
  •  Adjustable height
  •  Non-slip baffle
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  One-button switch
  •  Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  •  Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad (Blue/Red)
  •  USB Cable
  •  User Manual

The offers will expire in a couple of days, so get your hands on them right away.

Original Price HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad: $42
Wccftech Discount Price HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad: $31.95

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