Having Cryptocurrency FOMO? Get to Know What All the Hype Is About Through This Course


Cryptocurrency is all the rage right now. While Bitcoin may have started this rage several years ago, new coins getting overnight success is giving massive FOMO to those not in the middle of this most in-vogue trend in the financial and tech industries. Fear not, as this course by a best-selling author can help you out.

Dr. Jonathan Reichental is an award-winning author, professor, and investor. His "Cryptocurrency Foundations" course is the best starting point to learn about this digital revolution.

"This short course is for anyone who wants to understand the basics of how cryptocurrencies are created, traded, and mined," the course description reads. "Dr. Jonathan Reichental reviews the underlying technology - blockchain databases, hashing, and cryptography - and explains how anyone can create a form of cryptocurrency and offer it for use. He also discusses the process of mining and the hardware and software needed to become a cryptocurrency miner."

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About the author: In 2013, he was recognized as one of the 25 doers, dreamers, and drivers in government in America. His innovative work in government has also been recognized by the White House. Dr. Reichental works with his teams to apply technology innovation in organizations to create new value and to enable work to be more meaningful and fun. He is a popular writer, recently coauthoring The Apps Challenge Playbook, and he is a frequent public speaker on a wide range of technology and business-related topics. He teaches classes at University of California, Berkeley, and at the University of San Francisco.

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