Halo TV Series Looks Very Much Like the Games in First Leaked Images

Halo Infinite Master Chief

The Halo TV series has been in some form of development for a very long time (it was first announced back in 2013), and throughout the entire process, we’ve never got any sort of real look at the project. Well, that changes now, as a series of images from the Halo TV series, seemingly captured from a short teaser trailer, recently leaked on Reddit. While a bit blurry, these images definitely appear to be the real deal.

So, after all these years of waiting, what can be said about this first peek at the Halo TV series? Well…the show sure looks a lot like the games. We see Master Chief looking like his regular self, Warthogs, a Pelican, what appears to be a Prophet, and more. Those hoping they wouldn’t mess too much with the source material should certainly be happy. Check out the screenshots for yourself, courtesy of self-described “Xbox News Guy” Idle Sloth, below.

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For those who haven’t been following the long, twisting saga of Halo’s journey to television, the series will star Pablo Schreiber (New Gods) as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone (Californiacation) as Cortana, as well as Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, and Kate Kennedy. Halo transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill (still the best name ever), recently described what they were trying to achieve with the Halo TV series

It's such an interesting needle to thread with beloved characters. How do you give a different perspective on them, how do you make their journey meaningful in a different way while respecting their past journey. It's a constant challenge -- sometimes a struggle, because you have to be able to try some different things. It's something we certainly grapple with. There's different burdens that will go onto the Halo TV series than the game carries, so if we can navigate where we have a little bit of freedom to try and explore some different ideas or express a character differently, we try and take those.

The Halo TV series will debut on the Paramount+ streaming service sometime in 2022.

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