343 Industries Shares First Look at Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign Preview;  4-Player Fireteam, Scaled Difficulty, Shared Waypoints, Skippable Cut-Scenes, More

halo infinite co-op campaign preview

343 Industries has shared a first look at the upcoming Halo Infinite Co-Op campaign mode, which will begin insider testing soon.

Earlier this week, the developer announced that the flight for the network co-op campaign mode is imminent, but those lucky enough to get selected for the flight were asked to wait a little longer in order to get things up and running.

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On the official Halo YouTube channel, 343 Industries has now released a new preview video of the game’s network co-op campaign alongside some additional details about the highly-anticipated mode.

We’ve included some interesting tidbits from the preview down below, as shared by Neogaf user ‘cormack12’.

  • Skulls shared
  • Four player fireteam in co-op
  • Can review furthest point completed and start from least advanced player
  • Difficulty is scaled (aggressive AI, defensive tactics etc)
  • Ammo crates and supplies also scaled to fireteam size
  • Cut scenes skippable by one fireteam member for all
  • Collectibles added to all players when looted
  • Every fireteam member plays as chief to maintain continuity
  • Waiting to spawn in, you can watch the other players
  • You can grapple off other spartans
  • Can be some distance away, but get warned to return to fireteam (should be able to get to nearbys FOBS in most places)
  • If you ignore it, you get killed and then spawn in back with your buddies
  • Can spawn in mid firefight if buddy is in 'safe' place
  • You can replay a different mission and return to current actively mission later without losing progress - can freely hop from the tac map
  • Waypoints are shared and visible to all members
  • Spartan cores are claimed by all fireteam members (unless you already own it from your own campaign obv)
  • If a player drops out, all players need to return to menu screen to form the fireteam again (no drop-in) to maintain session persistence
  • Can change difficulty mid session and add skulls
  • You will maintain all unlocked abilities if you start from previous co-op session (e.g. if you have the drop shield, but join a session before it has been found you can still use it)
  • Squad wipe reverts to system checkpoint

Halo Infinite is available now for Xbox and PC. The co-op mode was expected to launch next month.

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