Halo Infinite Campaign Analysis Shows Xbox One X Resolution Much Higher Than Xbox Series S

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Halo Infinite’s campaign doesn’t launch for a couple more days yet, but the pixel counters at various techie YouTube channels are already doing their jobs, and the results are interesting. We already brought you an early comparison of the Xbox Series X and Series S, but now we have a comparison of all the available platforms. Surprisingly, the Xbox One X actually comes out significantly ahead of the Xbox Series S, at least where resolution is concerned. If you’ve got around 20 minutes to spare, you can check out the full Halo Infinite analysis courtesy of YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBit, below.

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In terms of resolution, the Xbox Series X offers a dynamic 4K picture (an average of about 1800p) in Quality Mode and a dynamic 1440p (average 1188p) in its 120 FPS Mode, while the Xbox Series S offers a locked 1080p for Quality and dynamic 1080p for its 60 FPS Mode. Moving onto the last-gen machines, the Xbox One S offers dynamic 1080p (average 972p) with no visual mode options and the Xbox One X serves up dynamic 4K (average 1800p) for Quality and a dynamic 1440p (1260p average) for its 60 FPS Mode.

So yes, the Xbox One X offers significantly higher resolution than the Xbox Series S, although the situation isn’t entirely clear-cut. The Series X/S do offer somewhat higher-poly geometry/terrain and improved shadows and effects compared to the One X/S, which could account for some of the difference in resolution. Still, it feels like the Series S is paying an overly-heavy price. Perhaps the Slipspace Engine simply works better on the Xbox One, considering that’s the platform it was designed for.

Turning our eye to performance, it’s mostly good news – Xbox Series X Quality Mode runs at a mostly-solid 60fps, while FPS Mode largely hovers at around 100 to 110fps. Meanwhile, the Series S maintains a rock-solid 30fps and 60fps in its two modes. On the last-gen systems are a bit more shaky, although not unplayable so, with the Xbox One S offering some small dips below 30fps and the Xbox One X serving up a rock-solid 60fps FPS Mode and some small dips in Quality Mode.

Halo Infinite’s campaign launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8.

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