Half-Life Runs on a Smartwatch, No Longer is Doom The Standard

It used to be that if you could get Doom natively running on any given device, then you've accomplished something. It was the golden standard for mobile and odd computing devices. But now that standard might just get surpassed.

Half-Life has been ported to the LG G Watch, and is even slightly playable.

David Bennett, an incredibly imaginative modder, was able to put an emulator called SDLash3D onto his LG G Watch that's capable of emulating the GoldSource engine, and thus early Valve titles, on Android and on the ARM architecture.

Incredibly it was even almost playable. Despite there being absolutely no room to use the touch controls offered by the emulator, the framerate wasn't necessarily so bad considering the anemic hardware it was running on. The low resolution meant it could actually be doable. This is certainly not something that would actually be enjoyable, but hey, it's pretty fun to at least see in action.

The most important question on our mind, however, is: "Can it run Crysis?"

The original Half-Life is still iconic in many ways, with the atmosphere and sense of involvement it brought to the FPS genre. It was exciting when it first came out, and can even be an enjoyable experience now. It's been ported to Android officially and has even graced the PlayStation 2. Not graphically groundbreaking, but still a champion among games.

Perhaps it's time that Half-Life took over the crown for being the game that's ported onto everything. It's time to make Half-Life playable on a virtual computer within Half-Life itself. I know some aspiring modder out there wants to. In fact, someone should make it playable within Skyrim too, while we're at it.

If it were possible to use Bluetooth controllers with smartwatches, would you consider playing games on that tiny screen?

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